“Border Town” CD
2013 / Produced by Michael Morales & Ron Morales

Produced by Grammy award winning team of Michael & Ron Morales, Border Town features a rich set of pop-oriented alternative rock songs from Texas singer-songwriter Ed Morales. From the first beat of the catchy convertible driving song Raining on through the journey to ‘the town at the end of the road’ of Border Town, this one album you will want to take on your next road trip.

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“The Number Of Grace” CD-EP
2012 / Produced by Ed Morales

The Number of Grace produced in 2012 by Ed Morales. This 5-song EP highlights the freedom found within the completed redemptive work of the Cross. This is the Gospel delivered in singer-songwriter Texas alternative pop.

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"Apple and Thorns" CD
2006 / Produced by Ed Morales

"Apple and Thorns" was produced in 2006 by Ed Morales who also performed all the instruments on this project. Focused on one’s introspection of one’s spiritual journey, this is Gospel music in a folk-pop meets storytelling meets modern alternative style. The depth of David Gray combined with the simplicity of Tom Petty.

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"The One and 99" CD
1998 / Produced by Ed Morales

Produced in 1999, “The One & 99” takes its name and its theme from the story of the returned prodigal. Music connects heart and spirit with introspective lyrics arranged in melodic guitar oriented roots-rock.

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"Thinking Man's Heart" CD
1993 / Produced by Ed Morales and Donnie Meals

After recording in multiple bands, "Thinking Man's Heart" chronicles the start of Ed Morales’ solo career. Produced in 1993 by Ed Morales and Donnie Meals, this album received critical success and airplay across the US. Featuring live instrumentation during time of grunge and techno-pop, this intimate work contains acoustic based adult alternative songs and production qualities that were well ahead of their time.

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