1. Shoes

From the recording Border Town

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Where are the empty sets?
Of the people that experience
The peace and the dreams of life gone past
To the stage of a play where there is no guest
To what do I owe this visit to?
Are the folks away for vacation blues?
In the dream there is a change of clothes
But you spend your money and you rub your nose

Happiness is not in a gun
Loneliness is nothing but fun
In the upside down world of TV news
Is what they teach you to fix your shoes

Hold my hand dear let’s show the way
Take a walk down the path dive out the way
Of the railroad cars and the American dream
That died in December on a cold hard beam

Now Bobby was right and Johnny was too
Fought the good fight and left us some clues
To the way things are and how they should be
Closing down at midnight, hanging out till three

Gentlemen hold open the door
Minutemen fight behind a brick wall
In the upside down words of paper news
Is how they teach you to fix your shoes

Now how do I know what I am listening to
Voice is familiar but the words are new
Got the wires crossed and the signal down
Is the manual right or new directions found

So the answers there for the world to see
It’s an inside job spirit conspiracy
Of the lessons lost or a teaching found
Cable sermons fight donation hounds

My Jesus Lord when will you save the day
My Jesus Lord when will you come to stay
In the upside down world of the Gospel truth
Is the walk you walk in some brand new shoes
In the right side down turn of the Gospel news
Rise the man in the stand with his brand new shoes.